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Courtney Katos Books

Author and Illustrator

Courtney Katos writes and illustrates children's books with light fantasy and whimsical watercolors.

A magical pen can bring Elsie's drawings to life, so surely she will have everything she's always wanted...right?

Twelve-year-old Elsie Mayberry is itching for a life of more excitement beyond boring old Maplebrook, thrift store clothing, and the many hours she spends alone while her mother works two jobs. It's fun getting into mischief with her wild neighbor, Tate, and fashion-obsessed classmate Mya, but Elsie's creative spirit longs for adventure. When an old pen gives Elsie the power to bring her drawings to life, her wildest dreams could finally become a reality. Unfortunately, things quickly start going haywire. Elsie must learn to manage the magic while dodging dangerous creations, arguing with her friends, and trying not to fail sixth grade. Will she get what she wants without ruining everything in the process?


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